Tips from the Millionaire’s club

In order to bag your Mr. Millionaire it’s imperative that certain expectations are sustained before, during & after the date.

Though there are endless tips and tricks, the following are the first five that came to mind. The first date is practically the test course for the second, then the third, and so forth. You want to be as prepared as possible but above all else, make sure you relax & smile if in doubt.

Tip #1: Avoid over consumption
Remember that during the first date, it’s typically the first one-on-one time both parties have had with one another. With that said, getting champagne happy should be avoided at all cost. Nervousness is expected & it’s absolutely normal but don’t try to drink the nervous feeling away; save yourself from the possible embarrassment because it won’t work. Over consumption also applies to dinner portions – it’s true that your date will probably pick up the bill but you don’t want to order for a family of 4. Again, simplicity wins out – share an appetizer, order a soup/salad and, lastly, enjoy your entre.

Tip #2: No “ex” talk
It’s the first date, keep it simple – learn about your partner & not their past. The question with the “ex’s” will come up eventually but nothing makes a date turn sour faster than bringing up possible heart aches. If you have questions about their past keep them work, family, friend related – save their lost loves for another day.

Tip #3: Keep the conversation alive
Avoid going to noisy places for the first date; if you want to know more about them you’re going to need a place where you can actually share a conversation. Definitely skip the movies, ditch the bar, and bail on that concert- for the first date try to plan something romantic and quiet. This is the first time you’ll have time to ask the questions you’re curious about so you’ll need an environment where you can hear your date’s answers.

Tip #4: Stay confident
There’s nothing more attractive and sexy than someone who exhibits utter confidence. When it comes to your wardrobe, wear something that you feel sexy in – if you don’t feel it you won’t look it. Also, if you’re in cahoots between a thong or boy shorts go with the thong; underwear lines are not sexy under any circumstance.

Tip #5: Don’t forget your manners
A simple “thank you” and “your welcome” can go much farther than you would initially assume. Chances are that if your date is of any wealth, they’ll convey the same courteous gestures and they’ll definitely notice if you’re familiar with them too. You don’t want to look like you’ve been raised by a pack of wild wolves so make sure you chew with your mouth shut, wipe your hands on your napkin, and no elbows on the table!

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