Gift Giving Etiquette

As the holidays rapidly approach, you’re faced with a difficult decision: whether or not you should buy a gift for that someone special. Gift giving is naturally a very complex proposition; it becomes even more complex when you throw a romance into the equation. As you consider your options and weigh out the pros and cons you realize that there are numerous factors that should be taken into account.

1. How long has this relationship existed for?
2. What type of relationship do you consider it to be?
3. Where is this gift exchange supposed to occur?
4. What kind of gift are you willing to purchase for them?
5. How will they perceive the gift if you get it for them?
6. How much is too much for a gift?

We know, the questions continue almost endlessly – but we figured those were the most important questions you should ask yourself. When it comes to the length of your relationship, it’s suggested that something light-hearted should be given if it’s just been a couple weeks. It’s almost a given that the longer you’ve been in the relationship, the more thought you should put into the gift; thus, amounting to a more meaningful and sometimes lavish present.

In regards to the type of relationship you’re in, think about whether it’s something casual, something extremely exclusive, or a little bit of both. The less serious the relationship is, the less pressure you have to get the “perfect” gift – at that point, it’s the thought that counts.

You should also consider where this gift exchange will take place. If it’s in front of family, friends, and colleagues you want to avoid giving them anything that may seem inappropriate. Also keep in mind that if other people are there to witness the gift exchange, you don’t want to look like a cheap gift-giver (unless you don’t mind)

The last three questions are very much associated with one another. The type of gift is in direct relationship to its cost. If you’re thinking Prada, then be prepared to spend a hefty penny. If it’s a set of matching PJ’s, we’re sure you won’t break your wallet. A very important thing to remember is that, usually, the more money spent on someone is a key indicator of how serious the relationship is/or will become. Think of gift giving as a type of investment, the more you invest in a gift the longer you plan on benefiting from it.

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