Typical Online Daters

Just like everything else in this world, online dating can be extremely beneficial at times & absolutely useless at other times. Out of the 40 million individuals that use some type of dating service, there’s an awfully strong chance you’ll be able to find someone compatible to you. The more you indulge yourself in the online dating community, the more you’ll notice how people act; thus, you’ll be able to distinguish the types of online daters you’ll often run into.

These are a small compilation of online dater characters we think will be most helpful while you search for a partner. Be advised that as you continue to communicate with these types of daters, things may get a bit complex. We’d also like to mention that you should always trust your intuition, there’s usually a plausible reason why you feel so icky about that someone – it’s just a matter of time before you find out what that reason is.

The Bipolar Nuisance
Now this may be a bit harder to pin-point. This kind of dater will have to be observed over a longer period of time. Once you’ve witnessed one incident, you’ll definitely know you’re dealing with this kind of dater. It can start with a simple argument; a simple trigger. You’ll notice that this dater will become exceedingly upset/annoyed/saddened/depressed then suddenly they’re immediately happy again. They offer no explanation to the outburst; they just go about their business normally. Another type is the dater that can’t make up their mind. One day they swore to the heavens that they loved something & the next they find it repulsive. Unless actively seeking a rollercoaster of emotions to make your life a bit more interesting, we suggest you ditch these daters as soon as they’re recognized.

The Pervert
This is probably the easiest type of dater to pin-point. You’ll notice that almost everything they say is in reference to some kind of sexual innuendo. They look as though they’re constantly undressing you with their eyes & you wouldn’t be surprised if they already knew how you looked like naked. Within the first couple hours they would’ve already mentioned having sex with you, at least 3 times. These daters are probably the least dangerous but (for obvious reasons) are the most inappropriate. They’ll comment about their skills in the sack, mention what they’re into sexually, and they’ll most likely suggest a sleep-over after the date. Now, what to do is solely up to you. Some people dig it, some people can’t stand it – “to each their own.”

The Liar
This type of dater is usually easy to spot. They’ll say one thing, and then completely contradict themselves in a later conversation. They might mention one type of job, and then admit to working at another. Somehow you’re never really sure what the truth is and what are just more lies. They’ll usually agree with everything you say, they’ll somehow like all the same music, art, and might be studying in the same line of work. If you notice that all their opinions are really yours then you should make for a break and ditch all the lies.

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